Why IKEA lies to us?

Long story short: I moved abroad (U.S.) + needed to furnish a new apartment = IKEA.… More..

Confederations Cup visualized

Indeed, Krist Wongsuphasawat created this very nice visualization of 2013 Champion’s League that ends to the “Big Ears” Cup.… More..

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Twitter notifications options: “Tailored for you”

 … More..

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Meat Map

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan.… More..

Understanding the movie “Source Code” with two images


[SPOILER ALERT: contains some movie plot infos] 

I recently watched the 2011 movie Source Code, in which Jake Gyllenhaal is trapped in the body of a man riding a train about to explode.… More..

Qui dépose des amendements ? Lesquels sont adoptés ?


Il y a quelques jours, j’ai découvert (grâce à un Tweet de Regards Citoyens) deux choses: l’Assemblée Nationale Française possède un compte Twitter, et le site officiel de celle-ci contient des données statistiques telles que celles relatives à la “première lecture du projet de loi relatif au mariage pour les couples de personnes de même sexe”.… More..

Why VLC Xmas/Santa’s hat icon is annoying (but VLC still great!)

I’m a big fan of VLC player and I would strongly recommend anyone to use it as a video or music player, whatever their computer platform is.… More..