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Romain Vuillemot

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École Centrale de Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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My Essential Mac Setup

Romain Vuillemot

Cloud-based services

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive with offline docs enabled
  • Google photos (successor of Picassa)
  • Synology cloud station that connects to my home NAS server
  • Box

    (usability issues)

MacOS stuff

  • Mozilla Thunderbird and its must-have addons
  • oh-my-zsh more shell commands (and its .zshrc configuration file)
  • XtraFinder to augment the finder with tabs, extra right-click-tab menu options)
  • Disk inventory X that generates treemaps of disk usage
  • Spectacle to quickly create windows layouts
  • Fly cut for advanced cut and paste
  • 1password
  • Adobe Acrobate reader
  • Custom Apache configuration
  • iPhoto for iPhone pics export and backup (…)
  • iTunes
  • Slack


  • Python 3
  • iPython notebooks
  • Brew
  • Bower
  • Npm
  • Java
  • Filezilla for FTP transfer

Text editing

  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • TexShop for LaTeX documents
  • MacTex distribution I’ve also been using MacDown and Mou for Markdown editing, but not satisfied with language-specific text editors (except for LaTeX with TexShop).

Mac configurations

  • Disable sound when volume up or down
  • Active corners
  • Top-left: hide windows to view desktop icons
  • Top-right: sleep mode
  • Power options to quickly turn-off screen and enable sleep mode
  • Screen resolution: more space / scaled
  • Touchpad double tape
  • Quick key press repetition

Dot files

  • TBD


  • VLC for video playback
  • ffmpeg for video files processing
  • iMovie for quick and dirty video editing

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