I am currently a Data Visualization Fellow at Harvard University, Center for International Development. My research consists in designing, implementing and evaluating novel visual tools for the web. Previously, I was a post-doc in Jean-Daniel Fekete, at INRIA AVIZ. I defended my PhD at INSA de Lyon and LIRIS Lab, France, in 2010.

The Atlas of Economic Complexity

My current main project is working on The Atlas of Economic Complexity, which is a visualization platform for International Trade Data. It contains data and economic indicators for more than 120 countries and 700 products over the past 50 years. It uses various visualization techniques, from simple ones to more complex to display growth dynamics and opportunities.

The project is open-source on GitHub and using open data from various international organizations. Learn more..


I am particularly interested in building new tools to better explore, understand and communicate data. As the Web is now pervasive, I believe those tools should be using Web Standards for everyone to use them, now and in the future. My work usually requires me to dive into various application domains, from Economics Data to Sport Data. Learn more..

Recent Publications

The IEEE Conference on Information Visualization (InfoVis) and the ACM Conference on Human Interaction (CHI) are the main annual venues for my research. If you want to know more, look at all publications.

Recent Projects

Below are some recent projects I've been working on. If you want to know more about them, view all projects.

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