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Romain Vuillemot

Assistant Professor
Ecole Centrale Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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I focus on solving real-world, data-intensive problems, by crafting novel visual tools. This research is at the intersection of the academic fields of Information Visualization, Human-Computer Interaction and Design. My outputs are publications, prototypes, and toolkits which are available as open-source projects on the web. I am also interested in the intersection between art, design, and visualization, to explore untapped design spaces.


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Funded Projects (Work with me!)

Opening: Research Engineer Frontend / Backend Dataviz (1-year, France)

Visual Analytics (VizTics): We aim at pushing the envelope of Visual Analytics tools and methods, by building a high performance infrastructure for visual exploration and steering of predictive models. The funding comes from a research starting grant Impulsion 2017 and will last one year (starting January 2017).

Parametric Spaces Visualization (ParamSpaceViz): This project aims at combining visual exploration techniques with image analysis, for better understanding of input configurations values and dependencies. It is in collaboration with Stephane Derrode (image analysis Researcher) and is funded by LIRIS Lab transverse projects initiative to promote collaboration between teams from different Research areas.

3D Motion Capture Visualization & Analysis (Amigo): Ecole Centrale de Lyon has just acquired a state-of-the-art motion capture platform. We are interested in finding motion patterns and building predictive models, using interactive visualizations. Details on the platform and preliminary results are available. We are also interested in building benchmark datasets of annotated motions.

If you have you own project that can be a good match with my research topic, feel free to reach out as we have funding for visitors. If you are looking for HCI-oriented projects in Lyon, check out Aurélien Tabard’s webpage.

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