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Romain Vuillemot

Assistant Professor
École Centrale de Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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What I do

Currently Assistant Professor at École Centrale de Lyon and LIRIS in Lyon (France).
Previously a Research Fellow with the CID group at Harvard University (2013-2016).
Previously a Post-Doc with the AVIZ team at Inria Saclay (2011-2013).
Previously a PhD student at INSA Lyon and LIRIS lab (2006-2010).

My research interests are Data Visualization (dataviz) applied to various domains, such as temporal data visualization (trafic data, motion data), sports data analysis, interpretability of deep learning models. Here are some keywords:

  • Visualization design and prototyping
  • Spatio-temporal visualizations
  • Explanability of deep learning
  • Sports data visualization

Recent Publications

  • Carte isochrone simplifiée Cartomob'21
  • Boundary Objects in Design Studies EuroVis'21 (Computer Graphics Forum)
  • VisQA: X-raying Vision and Language Reasoning in Transformers IEEE VIS'21 (IEEE Transactions on Computer Graphics)
  • Recent Activities

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