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Romain Vuillemot

Assistant Professor
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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What I do

I am an Assistant Professor at École Centrale de Lyon and LIRIS Lab in Lyon, France.

I craft novel visual tools, to support humans in solving real-world, data-intensive problems. This work lies at the intersection of the academic fields of Information/Data Visualization (Infovis, DataViz), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Design. My results are publications, prototypes, and toolkits, available online and their code open-source on GitHub. I have also interests for the combination of art, design, and visualization, to explore untapped design spaces.

Previously I was a Post-Doc at Inria Saclay (AVIZ) working on spatial and temporal visualizations. I was also Research Fellow at Harvard University (CID) working on a Macro-Economics data visualization platform called The Atlas of Economic Complexity.


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Current PhD students

  • Theo Jaunet (2018 - 2021 French ministry PhD fellowship)
    Transparency and Explainability for Machine Learning

  • Liqun Liu (2018 - 2022 CSC Fellowship)
    Visualizing Traffic Light Strategies in Smart Cities

  • Nicolas Jacquelin (2019 - 2022 CNRS scholarship)
    Video Analysis for Sport Movement Analysis

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Latest Publication

  • Romain Vuillemot, Philippe Rivière, Anaëlle Beignon, Aurélien Tabard. Nouvelles cartes isochrones pour améliorer lamobilité urbaine. Journées Visu 2019.

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