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How to backup an iPhone

Romain Vuillemot

tldr; use iExplorer which provide access to iPhone filesystem


  • [ ] Periodically remove photos with iPhoto (but from my experience iPhoto does not always remove photos from iPhone)
  • [ ] WhatsApp export conversation and upload to Dropbox; then delete
  • [ ] SMS export using iExplorer
  • [ ] Delete apps and their various data
  • [ ] Remove data uploaded into some apps (e.g. movies, music apps)

Before hard resetting an iPhone

  • [ ] Do some iTunes backup (but very large!)
  • [ ] Sync some stuff with iCloud (contacts, notes, ..)
  • [ ] Make sure some app-specific data have been backed up

After hard resetting an iPhone

  • [ ] Don’t load any backup (especially iTunes) which will add loads of garbage in your phone
  • [ ] Only sync with iCloud contacts/notes/..

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