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How to backup an iPhone

Romain Vuillemot

tldr; use iExplorer which provide access to iPhone filesystem


  • [ ] Periodically remove photos with iPhoto (but from my experience iPhoto does not always remove photos from iPhone)
  • [ ] WhatsApp export conversation and upload to Dropbox; then delete
  • [ ] SMS export using iExplorer
  • [ ] Delete apps and their various data
  • [ ] Remove data uploaded into some apps (e.g. movies, music apps)

Before hard resetting an iPhone

  • [ ] Do some iTunes backup (but very large!)
  • [ ] Sync some stuff with iCloud (contacts, notes, ..)
  • [ ] Make sure some app-specific data have been backed up

After hard resetting an iPhone

  • [ ] Don’t load any backup (especially iTunes) which will add loads of garbage in your phone
  • [ ] Only sync with iCloud contacts/notes/..

Note that iPhoto does not see to really cleanup properly its internal photo database. It seems there is an ever increasing file with the extension .photolibrary. Will consider not using iPhoto at all and really stick to iExplorer

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