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Why is D3.js so sexy

Romain Vuillemot

So d3.js is now blowing out five candles. Before the big move to the version 4, I’m gonna list what I usually answer when being asked my thoughts about d3.

``` Note: This post is hosted on GitHub which is the primarily system I use to ``

  • Very neat list of examples in just a few mouse scrolls down, you get both inspired but also standard charts.

  • Community is very open, responsive (on Twitter) and willing to share its advances, experience in meetups

I am curious to see how things will change with version 4.

While some libraries made it easier to do lots of things like the d3 starter kit or

What could be improved

  • Material becomes expensive

  • Less tools available online

  • Toolkits based on D3 are note necessarily maintained

  • No hierarchy in examples. A recent revamps shows ‘top ones’

  • No

Level of details: since d3 has no templates, you need to do everything yourself



Tastes: look at the d3 example gallery and this is really seducing.


It didn’t age: my favorite d3 example is

Google Chrome is now 58% of market share and late 2008

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