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My thoughs on iPhone vs Android

Romain Vuillemot

Here are some personal notes to keep track my current thoughts on having an Android phone vs iOS. This is not aimed at giving you a straight answers. It might also be partial and biaised based on the ones I’ve had versus all the ones on the market.

The good with iPhones

  • iTunes let me clear: I. Hate. iTunes. Very clunky and inconsistent user interface. Do most of the things not knowing what is going on.

  • Cable that can be plugged both ways


The bad with iPhones

  • Background apps don’t necessarily constantly work

  • Siri Never used it. It’s the rule of it has to work 99% of the time otherwise forget it

  • 3D Touch It’s purely useless for the main reason there is no affordance. Impossible to know in advance that it exists or not. 3D touch is bullshit Few applications use it You never know which one so you end up not using it at all No affordance telling you Lots of small bugs, glitches in the interface I don’t like how the intertia is calibrated Live photo is cool, but again only works in Apple built-in apps! What about other apps? What about cross-device experience? Pictures and videos are not that great.

  • Click on physical buttons is pretty hard, noisy and breaks a little bit the user experience

  • Files management Yep, can’t even download a file on the phone. Has to be throuhg a app’s pipeline.

  • iPhone 6S is slippy when you hold it in your hand

  • Battery seems to be well managed and does not drop unexpectedly.


  • Good integration with Google apps (especially Google Now)

  • Back button Love it. Not always very consistant, but with a couple of taps on it always get where I wanna go.

  • Configuration button Love it too.

  • Apps design Seems to be better done on Android.

  • **Customization

  • File management Yep, you can


  • Battery seems to be poorly managed. The phone can get overly hot some times.


  • iTunes is a piece of crap, but since it can’t be worse than Kies



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