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Romain Vuillemot

Assistant Professor
École Centrale de Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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A web-based interface to design information visualization

Romain Vuillemot, Béatrice Rumpler

Conference: Medes 2009
Proceedings: Proceedings of ACM MEDES 2009
Paper: /publis/medes09-web-based-interface-infovis.pdf

Information Visualization is a challenging field, enabling a better use of humans' visual and cognitive system, to make sense of very large datasets. This paper aims at improving the current Information Visualizations design workflow, by enabling a better cooperation among programmers, designers and users, in a one-to-one and community oriented fashion. Our contribution is a web-based interface, to create visualization flows that can be edited and shared, between actors within communities. We detail a real case study where programmers, designers and users successfully worked together to quickly design and improve an interactive image visualization interface, based on images similarities.

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