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Romain Vuillemot

Assistant Professor
École Centrale de Lyon
LIRIS Laboratory

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Visual Sedimentation

Samuel Huron, Romain Vuillemot, Jean Daniel Fekete

Conference: InfoVis 2013
Proceedings: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis '13)
Paper: /publis/infovis13-visual-sedimentation.pdf

Visual sedimentation is a novel design metaphor that progressively generates and updates visualizations of streaming data, inspired by the process of physical sedimentation. This process is the result of objects falling due to gravity forces, that aggregate into compact layers over time. The process is well understood since our environment is shaped by sedimentation: mountains, hills or rivers are the visible result of this long process.

You may check out other examples available on the project’s website. For example, What is Twitter Favorite’s M&M’s color?

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